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Draw v Slice

In the game of golf a draw is the result of imparting top-right-hand spin on the golf ball, it is the tee shot that the long hitters aim for because it tends to travel further. Thanks to the top spin it will fly further and when the ball lands it should bounce and roll forward. If you're serious about improving your golf swing, the ability to hit a draw shot is essential.

Compare this with a fade or golf slice that puts bottom-left-hand spin on the ball, it does not fly as far nor does it bounce and roll as far either.

If you suffer from the dreaded slice, then producing a golf draw will clearly correct your golf slice as well as add distance to your shots. Have a look at How To Hit The Golf Ball Straight.

The Draw

So how do we go about imparting top-right-hand spin on the golf ball? It's not as intuitive or as natural as producing a golf slice, all you have to do for a slice is get the club head to come across the ball at impact, an out-to-in swing plane will accomplish this, so also will letting your body get ahead of your hands in the downswing.

That would mean that an in-to-out swing plane at impact should give the desired results, if, and only if, your body does not get ahead of your hands.

To stop this happening, you have to keep the relationship and position of your hands, arms (left arm for right-handers), and shoulders intact throughout the swing until impact is made with the golf ball. The triangle made with your hands and shoulders should be maintained, this is, of course, basic to a good golf swing anyway.

The best results are obtained when you concentrate on turning your shoulders during the back swing, and not your golf club or arms and hands, this is also true of the downswing.

Too upright a back swing must also be avoided as this tends to produce an out-to-in swing plane. Think of the swing plane for your driver as being flatter, more around your body.

Having the club head slightly closed at impact should also produce a draw, be careful to not overdo it though, a hook is never a nice shot, it is just as disastrous as a slice.

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