New Golfers are a Blast

New Golfers

When it comes to golf swing faults, no-one finds it harder to fix these faults than new golfers, This article attempts to shed some light on the subject and give some basic golf swing advice to help them.

New Golfers have a very varied experience of learning golf, some have a hard time of it, especially if they are young teenagers. They are full of enthusiasm and energy, they take that off to the golf course with them and expect to be good players after a few games. They watched the tour pros on the television and know exactly what to do. Maybe their father or older siblings have given them a few pointers in the back garden. Maybe they've gone to the driving range, perhaps even had a few golf lessons, but it's their energy and enthusiasm that really stands out.

Where ever they choose to play or practice golf, they'll fill their golf bag with their golf clubs of choice (especially including their driver), maybe a golf glove, a few tee pegs, some golf balls,their new golf shoes and off they go. The first thing they will do is whip out their driver and try and blast the ball as far as they can. They don't understand where the power in golf comes from.

If they are on the driving range, this full swing attack on the golf ball will continue, regardless of the club they are using, if they are lucky and have a good golf instructor with them, he will try and temper this full frontal assault and give them some form of control. Even if they have recourse to a teacher of any sort, as soon as the the teacher is gone it will be back to trying to murder that ball. Youthful enthusiasm and loads of energy, it's wonderful really, but it usually leaves them trying to correct a golf slice fault. Have a look at Golfers Biggest Mistake.

If the new golfer is a bit older, late teens or early twenties, we see a whole different approach to learning. There is thought and analysis going into it this time, a much more measured and controlled amount of energy, the enthusiasm will still be there, but it will no longer take over to the same extent. The need for golf instruction will be paramount and eagerly sought, these new golfers have something more than energy and enthusiasm, they have ambition.

They see themselves as potential tour pros, even if they don't have the burning desire to become one, they see their potential of becoming as good as one, and why not, their youthful confidence is colossal. These golfers will also have a love affair with their driver, it would seem that it's the most important club in their bag, it's wonderful really.

Then there is the new golfer that is a bit more mature, he, or she, decides to take up golf for different reasons, probably as a form of relaxation, a hobby, a way of getting some more exercise and fresh air, companionship, there are loads of different reasons. They know they are not going to become a tour pro (they've left it too late, and probably have no desire to become one either), so their approach is different again. They may, or may not, seek out a golf coach, if they do, they will probably only have few lessons to get the basics, then they will get on with just enjoying the game.

Improving will be a gradual and lengthy process, there is no rush, and unless extremely competitive by nature, there will be no real goal in site, just something to enjoy. Their love affair with the driver will be a short lived one, they will probably give up on it and use something like a three wood, three hundred yard drives won't even enter there heads, it's wonderful really.

At the end of the day, the game of golf isn't the most played sport in the world for nothing, people of all ages can play and enjoy it. If they are playing to their handicap, they can all compete with each other and have the same chance of winning. It takes a while for new golfers to realize this though, but when they do, their love affair with the driver ceases to be as important and they start playing golf, the real game, the one we play for enjoyment.

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