New Golfers Beware

The New Golfer

New golfers really should beware, golf is one of the most addictive sports on the planet, it is also one of the most infuriating. You will never master golf, even the tour pros, good as they are, have not mastered it, they have golf swing coaches and golf mental coaches, they have to constantly practice and hone their golf skills, and are always trying to improve their golf swing.

Apart from your annual golf fees, playing golf can be quite expensive, there is always some new piece of golf equipment that you will need:

a new golf driver
a new golf putter
new golf wedges
a new golf bag
new golf waterproofs
new golf balls
new golf shoes
new set of golf clubs

If you can think of a piece of golf equipment, at some point you will want to buy it or replace it.

Then there are the golf lessons, golf tuition is necessary if you want to gain a consistent golf swing, for new golfers, golf lessons are indispensable, especially in the very beginning. The golf tour pros make it look too easy, you have to remember, golf is their livelihood, they have spent a lot of time and money to make it look this easy.

Golf is not just expensive, it is extremely time consuming as well, you won't get much change out of five hours just for one round of golf and often it will be even more. By the time you get to the golf course, get ready to play, even if there is no queue at the first tee, play the game, get showered and changed, then get home again (presuming there is no social interaction after the game), five hours is quite conservative.

Having said all that, golf is a game that can last you a lifetime, well into your retirement years. New golfers can start as early as five or six years old.

Players of vastly different capabilities can play together and still manage to compete.

The fact that you will never master golf is one of the game's many charms, it will always be challenging, even you are playing alone, speaking of which, it is one of the few games you can play on your own.

Golf is a sociable game, there is plenty of time to get to know the people you are playing with, they may, on occasions, be strangers at the start of the game, but by the end, they no longer will be, and if they are already your friends, what could be better?

Fresh air and exercise surrounded by nature and pleasant landscapes and views, enjoyable company and, arguably, the greatest game on Earth. So as I said above, let new golfers beware.

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To your golfing enjoyment.

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