Classic Golf Swing, Why

Classic Golf Swing

Just about every golfer you have ever seen, on the TV, on the golf course, at the driving range where ever you see them, they are using the classic golf swing. The big question is, do they need to? An even better question might be, are they justified in even attempting to use the classic golf swing?

If you take the point of view that the classic golf swing is only for the pros, especially the tour pros, then certain things begin to make more sense. For instance, 90 percent of golfers never break 100, around 80 percent of golfers have a golf slice problem, tour pros have golf swing coaches and back injuries are a common problem with a lot of golfers, even the pros can suffer from back problems. All these things put into question the general use of the classic golf swing.

The problem with the classic golf swing is that it is a very complicated series of movements that rely very heavily on timing as well as an understanding of the whole golf swing that, quite frankly, the vast majority of golfers have only a vague idea of. There is simply too much to go wrong, almost any single part of the golf swing, if done incorrectly, can make a huge difference to the outcome.

Most golfers just don't have the time and energy, or money, to put into learning and maintaining the classic golf swing. Try to correct a golf slice problem using the classic swing and you'll understand. Have a look at How To Hit The Golf Ball Straight.

Furthermore, the full range of movement, using the correct technique, having a good rhythm, solid golf swing consistency, accurate timing and correct posture all call for a dedicated concentration that few golfers have, not because they don't possess the ability, it's just that life gets in the way. The pros have mental coaches to help with the mental game of golf, concentration and motivation, they have learned techniques that allow them to control the classic golf swing.

It is not just a case of finding a natural and comfortable swing that you can repeat over and over again, if it was, we would all be good golfers and a golf slice or golf hook would be a thing of the past. The truth is that most golfers already have a golf swing that they do repeat time and time again. It just happens to be an incorrect swing with faults that keep giving them the same problems, and most of it is because they are trying to emulate the classic golf swing.

If you fall into this category then stop beating yourself up about not improving and do something about it. Stop using the classic golf swing and try something else instead. You can get your golf handicap into single figures quickly and easily by using your head and a much less "professional" golf swing, try this article Can I Cure My Golf Slice for some more information about an alternative golf swing.

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