3 Golf Swing Tips

Golf swing

Here are three golf swing tips that help a lot of golfers that are struggling with their golf swing, and not just new golfers either.

Most new golfers struggle with getting into the correct position at address, and because of this, they fail to to get their golf club in the right swing plane during their backswing. They also have trouble with producing a good swing tempo. As a result, they end up swinging their club a little erratically and with no inconsistency.

Let's deal with the correct position at address first.

1. If you start off with your golf club, hips, arms, shoulders and head in the positions they will be in at impact, then you will be putting yourself in the best address position and give yourself the best chance of using the correct swing plane.

2. Don't take a full backswing. During the backswing, when your leading arm is parallel with the ground, make sure that the butt end of your golf club is pointing straight at the target line, the target line is the straight line that runs from the target through the golf ball and on past you. You will be on the correct swing plane. This will help if you are trying to correct a golf slice.

Now for the tempo.

3. Hold a couple of golf clubs together and perform a short golf swing. The backswing should be no further than your leading arm being parallel with the ground, and likewise, your forward swing should be no further than your trailing arm being parallel with the ground. Now, take five to ten swings without stopping between each swing. Don't force the swing, just let the weight of the clubs determine the tempo. This is a good tempo to use when you finally take a swing at the golf ball.

These are simple tips, but don't dismiss them out of hand. They work surprisingly well at fixing a number of golf swing faults, especially for new golfers. The simple golf swing is your best answer to a consistent golf swing, not just because it is easily learned and understood, but also because it is repeatable and gives you the best chance of a consistent golf swing every time.

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