Single Plane Golf Swing

Golf Swing Plane and Golf Styles

Modern Golf Swing

The modern golf swing starts off at address in a position that is different to the one you want to be in at impact. This means that at least two different swing planes are being used throughout the complete golf swing. This confuses new golfers, especially when they are looking for golf swing tips, The more complicated the golf swing, the more confused they become.

This difference in swing planes means that a lot of some complicated re-adjustments have to take place in order to get the golf club head into the correct position at the impact zone.

Natural Golf Swing

Moe Norman utilized and made popular, the natural golf swing. The main difference between the two swing methods is that in the natural golf swing only one swing plane is used throughout the golf swing, as compared to multi swing planes in the modern golf swing.

Only using one swing plane throughout, has several advantages. It is easier and more natural to get the club head into the correct position at impact because, at impact your position is identical to the position you started off with at address. If you start off your golf swing on the same plane as you end up on, then there is less complication in the complete swing and therefore less to go wrong. The golf swing itself becomes much simpler. There is no "slot" to drop your arms into during the downswing, and no need for one. Which means that you will probably not have to figure out how to correct a golf slice.

Golf Address

With the modern, or conventional golf swing, the player takes a relatively narrow stance with the hands positioned straight down from the shoulders and the hands behind the club head. The natural golf swing calls for the setup position to be the same as at impact, with the arms extended in front of you instead of straight down and the hands in front of the club head.

Because, using the natural golf swing, the address position is the same as the impact position, there is no need for any swing corrections to take place. The club head can stay on the same plane throughout the golf swing and will therefore result in a more consistent and solid strike of the golf ball.

The modern golf swing, in the hands of the amateur, encourages a golf slice. The tendency is for the club head to cross over the target line during the down swing and end up on an 'out-to-in' swing path, hence the slice. You can visit - New Golfers: Golf Slice - for a fuller explanation of the golf slice.

You can visit - Natural Golf Swing - for a thorough explanation of the natural golf swing and Moe Norman, it includes a few golf swing videos as well.

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