Do Golf Swing Tips Work

Golf Swing Tips

When golfers are having trouble with their golf swing, they tend to try a variety of different methods to fix their problem. There are many golfers that buy new clubs in the hope of fixing their golf swing problems. Does this work? Sometimes. Most golfers don't bother getting their clubs measured for them, so a new golf club, or complete set of golf clubs, may indeed help them, especially if they do fit them better.

There are two golf clubs sold more than any other, the driver and the putter. This tends to tell it's own story. When golfers have trouble with their swing, it shows up more on the tee with their driver. Being the longest club, it is the hardest to control. There is one problem with this approach though, it will not correct any golf swing faults that you have. Unless your swing is up to scratch with the rest of your clubs, then a new driver is not going to help you.

In fact, if your golf swing is faulty, then purchasing new golf equipment isn't going to make much difference, it might be more prudent to purchase some golf lessons instead, or give a Golf Swing Trainer a try.

Reading up on golf swing tips from magazines, books and the internet is probably the most popular way of fixing golf swing faults. The question is, do they do any good? Can you learn from them and sort out all your golf swing faults?

The answer is not as straight forward as you might first think. It all depends on how well you know and understand your present golf swing. Most golfers, especially new golfers or weekend golfers who play once a week at most, don't know their golf swing well enough for reading up on golf tips to work. they don't have the golf fundamentals to work from.

It's like every other skill, you need the basics right first in order to build on them and progress. However, having said that, some golf swing tips can be very detailed and comprehensive, plus some of them, at least, attempt to teach the basic golf swing.

If you know and understand your golf swing well, then golf tips are a great bonus. This is mainly because you know, even before you try them, whether they will help you solve your particular problem, and they may give you a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at it.

Unless you fully understand your golf swing, then you are in danger of changing the wrong things, for instance, you may find a tip for altering your grip to get rid of a golf slice problem, when in fact it's your golf swing plane that is actually at fault.

The other, and perhaps the biggest, problem with golf tips is that you are in danger of changing too many things almost in a random fashion and this will most likely destroy your golf swing completely. It is good practice to change only one small thing at a time when you are working on your golf swing. This is because not all golf swing tips that you try will work for your particular setup. If you change only one thing and it doesn't work, then you are immediately aware of it. If, on the other hand, you've changed half a dozen things and they don't work, then you are none the wiser.

The first step is always to understand the golf swing you already have. Golf swing tips can work to help you improve your golf game, but only if you have a thorough grounding in the basics first. It is also possible for golf swing tips to give you a temporary fix which will only serve to confuse you when it stops working. This temporary effect is because your underlying golf swing is not sound. You have to work on each fundamental part of your golf swing, one piece at a time, this will help you to form the correct basics that will stand you in good stead well into the future.

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