Driving On The Golf Course

The Golf drive

Driving on the golf course is all about getting your golf swing sorted out. If you want to have a good drive, a straight shot with reasonable distance, then you need to have a solid consistent golf swing.

The golf swing can be broken down into 7 component parts, the grip, address, takeaway, top of the backswing, first move, downswing, and from impact to finish.

It is important that you understand your golf swing. Without knowing each and every aspect of your swing, it is nearly impossible for you to adjust small parts of your golf swing when faults creep in.

Understanding your golf swing and how to produce the golf swing is the aim of this post. Because improving your golf swing is a lengthy topic to discuss, one post is either going to be extremely long or it will have to split up into smaller chunks. What I have done here is to split it up into 7 separate posts. My hope is twofold, that it will be easier to digest in these smaller posts and, if you are only having trouble with one part of your golf swing, that you can find the relevant post in an easier way.

The Golf Grip

It would seem a natural place to start, it is , after all, the foundation of the golf swing. It is what connects you to the golf club and getting the grip right is essential.
Golf Grip

The Address

If the grip is the foundation of the golf swing, the address is your foundation. Balance is everything in golf and that can never be overstated. Without good balance you will never be able to get a solid consistent golf swing. A part of the address which is seldom mentioned, is to get your balance right, the rest is to set you up in the right position to be able to make the best golf swing that you can.
The Address

The Takeaway

This is when you start ptting the swing into motion, you have to get this right.
The Takeaway

The Top Of The Backswing

This can be critical if you want to maxixmize your golf swing and generate control, speed and accuracy.
The Top Of The Backswing

The First Move

This is where the backswing changes and becomes the downswing. A lot of golfers seem to have trouble with this change in direction.
First Move

The Downswing

Where we generate speed and acceleration. The swing plane has to right here or some really wayward shots can result.
The Downswing

From Impact To The Finish

The last flourish of the golf swing, can you do it with style?
From Impact To Finish

I hope that breaking the golf swing down in this way has been helpful to you. I also hope that it has helped help you to understand what you are trying to achieve and how to go about it. The golf swing is a complicated set of movements that use your whole body to accomplish it. It also involves hand and eye coordination and balance. The game of golf is a constant challenge, enjoy it.

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