Get a Better Golf Swing

A Better Golf Swing

Inconsistent Golf Swing

Have you been searching for something, anything, that will help you get a better golf swing?

Some tip or gadget that will improve your game overnight?

The one secret that will ignite your golfing abilities and make you the envy of all your buddies?

Maybe you have an inconsistent golf swing, or you suffer from the dreaded slice or hook problem, and want to fix it.

Well, you've come to the right place. I'm going to tell you the secret, the same one that around 80% of golfers have been searching for their entire golfing lives.

The secret that will help them get a better golf swing.

Actually it's no secret, if you have read any of my other posts, you will find it difficult not to have come across it already.

Okay, so I didn't say it was a secret before, but I'm saying it now and I feel justified in doing so because most golfers don't seem to know it. Or, maybe they think it is too hard a way to improve their golf swing and simply give it a miss.

Maybe they don't want to know it, or don't recognize it when they see it. In any case, it remains largely ignored in full view of everyone.

Oh yes, the secret, you want to know what it is, how to get a better golf swing. Well... come closer... the secret to why you never manage to improve at golf is.... you don't understand the basic golf swing!

It's simple, and it's true. Most golfers learn a more complicated swing than the basic golf swing is, hence the reason they find it so hard to master.

Measure your Golf Skills

You see, your golfing skills come down to a very basic and simple equation.

Your golf skills are equal to your knowledge of the basic golf swing plus your knowledge of the rest of the game of golf, for instance, course management. I don't mean how to manage a golf course from a business point of view, but how to use the features of the golf course in order to play better golf.

This lack of knowledge of the basic golf swing is true for almost every weekend golfer, especially those with high handicaps.

If you seldom break 100, then you know very little about the basic golf swing.

If you're still struggling to break 80, then, at least, you know something of the basic golf swing.

The point is that the more you improve your understanding of the basic golf swing, the better your golf swing will become and the more your golf swing will improve. And, just as an added benefit, the more you will enjoy your game.

The big problem is, how do you go about learning the basic golf swing?

Golf Instruction

Most golf instructors only teach their own particular swing, they don't give any understanding of the golf swing outside of their chosen golf swing style. Sometimes this makes no difference because their golf swing actually suits you... But, that is rare.

There are a variety of golf swing styles available... stack and tilt, single plane golf swing, two plane and the classic golf swing, to name just a few.

Most golf instructors learn one of these, and study every minute detail of the swing style they have chosen.

Some golf schools only teach one swing method, and that is where the problem lies. all these different golf swings work in their own right. They just won't work for everyone.

Every golfer is different. There are no two golfers with the same in physique, ability, mental attitude, knowledge or even feelings. A one-size-fits-all golf swing does not exist.

Your Golf Swing

Every golfer has their own natural golf swing, it's this golf swing that should be tweaked to incorporate the basic golf swing fundamentals and get a better and more consistent golf swing.

By understanding the basic golf swing and your own natural golf swing and abilities, improvements will be rapid, and more importantly, lasting.

If you ask most golfers why they fail to improve their golf swing, they will most likely say that it's because they don't practice often enough. Or, they don't play often enough, or they haven't had enough lessons.

The truth is, unless you have the right knowledge, practice will make no difference. With the correct knowledge, then practice will make all the difference because you will be practicing the right things.

The bottom line?..

If you want to get a better golf swing, find one of the 10 - 20% of golf instructors that are able to teach you the fundamental golf swing, and show you how to incorporate it into your own individual and natural golf swing.

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