Golf Practice in Slow Motion

Practice Golf

What are the merits of trying golf practice in slow motion? Well, it's all about getting your practice sessions to be effective. We have all gone to the driving range and hit a couple of buckets of balls until our backs or arms or legs got sore and we give up.

This is not effective golf practice though, it's just going through the motions. This is the way to end up with a golf slice or hook.

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your golf swing is... balance. A lot of the time that the golf ball is mis-hit, it's due to coming off balance during the swing.It shows up all sorts of different faults at any given time.

Golfers with an inconsistent golf swing, spend most of their time trying to sort out all the golf swing mechanics that they can think of. They change their grip, buy a new driver, get a new set of golf balls, go for a few lessons from the local pro and generally change everything they can think of.

The last thing that they consider when trying to improve their golf swing is their balance. But it should be the first. Balance is arguably the most important part of the golf swing, without good balance you would never be able to hit the golf ball at all.

That brings us to golf practice in slow motion. I you try and go through the complete golf swing from address all the way through to the finish as slow as you can, it will do two things.

First, you will find out just how good your balance really is, if your swing has any imbalance in it at all, practicing in slow motion will show it up very noticeably. Once you have your balance sorted out, continue to practice in slow motion and work on the mechanics of your swing.

Second, it will give all the time in the world to see and be aware of every part of your golf swing. You will have the time to analyze your swing that is impossible when you are trying to complete the golf swing at normal speed.

It's amazing what you will discover, and how it will sort out a lot of your golf swing problems. When you are happy with your swing and your balance, you can try speeding up your swing again... gradually.

Now, I'm obviously not talking about playing on the golf course in slow motion, just when you have some time to practice, you can even do the golf practice in slow motion thing in your back yard. You don't need a golf ball, just a golf club and some free time. You never know, you might even cure your golf slice.

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