Which Golf Swing Is Best

The Best Golf Swing

The short answer, whatever one works for you! Which golf swing is the best depends on so many individual things, your physique, fitness, golf skills, mindset and what your natural golf swing is already like.

You may think that all the tour pros use the same professional golf swing or classic golf swing, but the truth is that they all use different golf swings, some more so than others. And they're the tour pros, if only one swing worked, they would use it.

There are different golf swings that are taught by golf professionals throughout the world, single plane swings, two plane swings, stack and tilt, natural golf swing, and many others. It depends on which golf swing your particular golf instructor teaches.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are marketed. Each one of them has their own devotees and non-believers, books, dvd's, there are even golf schools set up to teach just one method or style of golf swing.

Take the stack and tilt golf swing method for instance, the body tilts towards the target at the top of the swing. This is considered a bad golf swing fault by some golf instructors, they call it the reverse pivot in golf, something to be avoided.

Golf instructors tend to learn, and study in minute detail, one particular style of golf swing. This becomes the only one they teach, in fact, the only one they can teach. However, all the different golf swings actually work well in their own right. They are all used in one way or another by a tour pro.

The problem is not with the different golf swing styles, but the differences between individual golfers. A swing that suit one golfers, wont necessarily work well for another one. All golfers are different, to expect them all to be equally capable of using the same golf swing, is just madness.

Most golf instructors, in the range of 80 - 90%, teach their own particular golf swing. Whether that's by affiliation to a particular one, or because it's the only one they know how to teach, is irrelevant. They should be adapting your golf swing to work for you, not adapting you to their swing. If they are trying to fix your inconsistent golf swing by giving you a totally different swing, then they are wrong.

I'm sure you've tried completely changing your golf swing at some time, most golfers have. The swing they use isn't working and applying all the tweaks they can think of doesn't help either. So, they try a different swing altogether. It may, or may not work, But even if it does work, over time they will find that their old swing naturally drifts back in.

That's because their physiology and mindset is comfortable with their own natural swing.

So, which golf swing is the best? The truth is, for you, your golf swing is the best, don't abandon your golf swing, find one of the 10 - 20% of golf instructors that are capable of giving you the lessons and advice that you deserve, the correct way to give your swing the fundamentals to build on.

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