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What To Keep In Your Golf Bag

Well, that depends a lot on what type of golf bag you have. Some golf bags are flimsy affairs, cloth ones that can almost be rolled when they are empty, others are sturdy leather bags that not only hold your golf clubs and golf balls, but everything else you can think of as well. We tend to think of golf advice in swing terms alone, but golf advice for equipment can be equally important.

There are many golf bags available, some designed for fashion, some for utility and some that combine both features. There are big bags, bigger bags and bags so big that they would keep everything you need for a long weekend vacation in one of the side pockets!

Generally speaking, you need a golf bag just large enough to hold your golf clubs, some extra golf balls and tees. However, there are a few extra items you might like to consider carrying in your golf bag.

A spare golf glove can come in handy if your other one gets soaks and becomes unplayable.

A pencil and some ball markers can be very useful as would a small knife or pencil sharpener. After all, we do like to keep score, and in competition it is necessary.

If there are a lot of water hazards, then a golf ball retriever can be very a very handy accessory to keep in your golf bag, especially if have many wayward shots.

Depending on your climatic conditions, you might want to consider sunscreen, a large golf umbrella, some waterproofs, you can never tell.

A small towel for cleaning your golf balls and club heads can be very useful at times, as can a spare pair of socks and a spare jumper.

It is also a good idea to have a packet of tissues, a band-aid or two, and if you play courses where insects are a problem, a can of bug repellent comes in very handy.

A small pack of baby wipes come in very handy too, in your bag they get warmed by the heat, so when you get sweaty or a sand trap covered you with sand, a nice warm wipe can be very refreshing.

If you happen to be allergic to bees, hornets or wasps, then some Epipen is an important addition to your bag. If you are also hypoglycemic then you can carry Lifesavers, which have to be replaced several times throughout the year because they tend to melt.

Some of these items are, of course, dependent on weather conditions and would not always be required.

One item that doesn't need to be in your golf bag is your cell phone. If you must carry it, turn off the ringer as a courtesy to other players. If you must use it, be aware of others who might be taking a golf swing or putting their ball. Be considerate!

Having these items in your golf bag should provide everything you will need, even in a minor emergency (like a blister) or a major inconvenience, like a sudden rainstorm. Being prepared makes the game of golf a great deal more fun.

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