What is the purpose of golf?

Game of Golf

Golf is one of the most popular playing field sports in the world! Apart from the major tour events, it is not really much of a spectator sport. Therefore most golfers participate in the game of golf by playing the game. This is just another of the unique aspects of golf, some other interesting details of the game of golf might include the following.

One of golf's most appealing concepts is the sheer range of people that can take part in it, together with the ability of almost all ages, sexes and skills, to play and even compete. There are few sports, especially field sports, that can boast of this ability.

Golf, a Field Sport

The variety of golf course design makes golf unique among field sports. There are no set areas or designs of a golf course. The layout, atmosphere, to mention nothing of level of difficulty, is entirely different for each golf course. Facilities vary as well, but most golf clubs, at the very least, supply the essential amenities needed to for the comfort and enjoyment of its members and clientele. This variety makes traveling to other golf courses, sometimes just for the change and sometimes for competition, a common practice.

Golf can be played as often as is liked, there is no need for a competing side, this is another side of the game that sets is apart from most others. Golf can be played ,and enjoyed, by only one player. It is obviously a friendlier experience when more are playing together, indeed many new friendships are struck on the golf course.

Golf Competition

What about competition? Obviously one golfer on their own makes competition a little more difficult, but, because of the handicap system that is employed in the game of golf, it allows golfers of vastly different capabilities to compete very well. Another fairly unique quality of golf is that there is seldom an official or referee involved. It is essentially a game of trust and honor. Honesty and etiquette form a major part of the game of golf.

Like most sports, taking part in a game of golf is a good form of physical activity and therefore exercise. Unlike most other sports, all age groups can benefit from the exercise involved. Having said that, all forms of physique and fitness levels are capable of playing golf and getting the same degree of enjoyment from it.

There are not many field sports that afford the opportunity of socializing while taking part in a game. Golf is exceptional in this respect. Indeed, socializing is one of the most enjoyable parts of playing golf. We're not just talking of the nineteenth hole once the game is complete, but during the actual game itself. Some people even manage to conduct business while playing a game of golf.

Golf and the Family

It can even be used for spending quality fun time between members of the family. Parents and children can enjoy this fun aspect of golf at the same time as enjoying everything else that golf has to offer. This makes golf, not just ideal for weekend activities, but also for golf vacations. When a few members of the same family enjoy playing golf, what could be more ideal than a golf trip.

Golf competes well with other sports as a form of relaxation. The setting of most golf courses offers a perfect environment that encourages relaxation. This, coupled with the relatively unhurried way that golf is played, being surrounded by nature in all its glory and friends or acquaintances is relaxation personified, a perfect way to forget your problems.

Earning Money from Golf

It is also a popular avenue for making money. What a way to earn a living? Millions of people worldwide owe their livelihood to the wonderful game of golf. From golf equipment manufacturers and suppliers to golf professionals and lets not forget all the wonderful ground staff that keep these golf courses in their superb condition, or the staff that attend our needs in the club house.

With all there is going for golf, it would be difficult to imagine a sport or hobby better equipped than our favorite game. There is just one more aspect to the game of golf that needs to addressed, excuse the pun.

Is all just one huge frustration?

I know that most golfers find it frustrating at times. But the fact that no-one ever manages to master this game is one of its many attributes. The challenges of raising your skill level at golf will always be one of its more endearing qualities. Even the top tour pros can never admit to truly conquering all the vagaries of golf. It is not just a physical game, it is an mental game of such subtleties that it seldom is mastered.

If you do not yet play golf, or are thinking of taking it up, then let it be known that golf is not the greatest game in the world for nothing. I've outlined a few of the benefits and enjoyments of playing the game of golf, there are more as every golfer has own unique way of approaching this game, so come on, (sorry, this is going to be another pun)... join the club.

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