New Golfers How To Fix Your Golf Swing Advice

Golf Swing Basics

What is golf without a golf swing? It's fundamental to playing the game of golf. What's more, if you want to be any good at golf, you not only need a golf swing, but you need an efficient, consistent and accurate golf swing. You need a swing that shows no signs of the common faults found in most golfers. In other words, you need advice on how to fix your golf swing.

Any golfer, whether a new golfer or a golfer that's more experienced, needs to know the basic golf swing if they wish to get rid of their swing faults and improve their golf swing overall. Without the basics, this just becomes so difficult to accomplish and the vast majority of golfers, especially weekend golfers, never manage to see any great improvements and certainly not very quickly. The golf swing is the single most worked on part of golf. Almost every golfer is more concerned with their swing than any other part of the game.

This is not a new problem, as long as they have been writing about golf advice and tips, the golf swing is the most written about. Unfortunately, not much is ever written about the basic golf swing, they all seem to concentrate on the full professional swing, whichever the current favorite golf swing style happens to be.

Golf Swing Advice, The Grip

To start any golf swing instruction, it seems only natural to begin with the golf grip. It is after all, the very thing that connects us to the golf club and ultimately to the golf ball, so lets begin with this this link golf swing advice, the grip, it explains the golf grip in some detail and gives you some options. As we are all physically different, there is not just one type of grip that will suit everyone, hand size varies quite dramatically between golfers and this alone requires the use of a different style of golf grip.

Golf Swing Advice, The Address

After the golf grip, it would seem to be appropriate to tackle the golf address as it is the basis, the very foundation, for your complete golf swing. Without a solid and well balanced foundation, your golf swing will be full of intermittent faults and mis-hits.

Golf Swing Advice, The Take Away

The take away can be problematic for a lot of golfers, so for any golf swing advice, the take away has to be included. The biggest problem with the take away seems to be the transition from being at rest at the address to initiating movement at the start of the take away. It needs to be done correctly or unwanted movements will take place, which can ruin your entire swing.

Golf Swing Advice, The Top Of The Backswing

Once the take away has started, the next transition is at the top of the backswing, a change from movement to being static again. The top of the back swing can be very important for a lot of different reasons, it can also show up some pretty basic swing faults.

Golf Swing Advice, The First Move Down

The next part of this golf swing advice, the first move down, is also the next transition from being static to movement again. It's these changes and how best to initiate them that causes the most problems. When it comes to starting the downswing, there are any number of different ways of doing it, but most of them will completely wreck your swing.

Golf Swing Advice, The Downswing

Once the first move down has been initiated, the rest of the downswing then takes over. This, to most golfers, is the most important part of the golf swing. It's the bit that ends up sending the golf ball off on its way. Get this bit wrong and any of a number of possible bad things can happen.

Golf Swing Advice, From Impact To Finish

Here, we will finish off the golf swing advice, from impact to finish is the last part of your complete golf swing. When you are ready for the next step, how to improve your golf swing for beginners would be the next natural choice.

So, for new golfers, advice on and how to fix your golf swing is a complicated prospect. Mainly because the golf swing itself is far more complicated than it seems, or at least, far more complicated than the tour pros make it look. I hope that this has helped you and your golf swing so that very soon you will see some real improvements in your golf swing and your overall game.

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