Some Cures For A Golf Slice

A Golf Slice Needs A Cure

This is going to sound obvious, if you want to cure a golf slice then you're really trying to hit a straight shot. The problem is, just how do you go about straightening out your golf slice.

Well, here is a list of several things to try, they are all capable of helping you overcome a golf slice, it all depends on what your particular fault is. So, try them all and see which of them has a positive effect on your golf swing and ball flight.

It's important to only try one of these cures at a time, never try more than one of them, and take note of what happens. It's also important to give each one a fair chance, in other words, don't just try each one once. The driving range is the best place to try these out and give each method five to ten balls, if you don't see any significant improvement after hitting ten shots, then move on to the next tip.

Golf Slice Cure No.1

This one, if it works for you, will probably fix a few golf swing faults for you, especially if you get poor distance from your golf shots and it's very simple but don't underestimate it. Simply turn your back foot in, point your toe straight out or even slightly towards the ball, your front foot stays the same as normal. Most golfers seem to splay their feet when lining up to take their shot, the problem with pointing your toes outwards is that it allows your body to sway. It's true that you will find it easier to turn on the backswing, but for some, it allows too much movement.

With your back foot turned slightly inward, it allows you to create more tension in your backswing by restricting how far back you can turn your hips. This will generate more power if everything else in your golf swing is correct. It will also help your golf swing to follow the correct swing plane and prevent an out-to-in swing plane that causes a golf slice.

Golf Slice Cure No.2

If golf slice cure no.1 doesn't work for you, then there's a good chance that the fault lies in your grip. The real problem is likely to be that your hands are turning during the backswing and failing to turn back in the downswing. If you try using a stronger right hand grip (for righties), keep the back of your left hand facing the target, but instead of having both palms facing each other, turn your right slightly more under the grip. This will have the effect of trying to close the club face during the downswing, after all, it's an open club face at impact that is one of the major causes of a golf slice.

Golf Slice Cure No.3

Your hands and arms lagging behind your body, in other words, your body turns faster than your arms during the downswing. This will cause a golf slice. The one-piece takeaway will help you eliminate this fault if you execute it correctly. It's all to do with the triangle formed between your shoulders and your hands at address. If you maintain this triangle during the backswing then you have performed a one-piece takeaway.

To help you with trying this one, it's probably better if you keep your feet together during your golf swing. This helps you to balance properly and encourages you to have a compact swing that will be more likely to be on the right swing plane. It makes it almost impossible to let your body get in front of your arms and hands during the downswing and will help you get the feel of keeping your timing and tempo correct, if you don't, you will lose balance.

If using one of the above golf tips helps to straighten out your golf slice but doesn't cure it entirely, then you can try incorporating one of the other tips as well as the one that helped. Sometimes, using a method of elimination can be a good way to identify a particular fault in your golf swing, it can also be a good way to identify cures for your swing faults as well. The important thing is to be methodical in your approach and don't change more than one thing at a time until you have decided whether each alteration has worked or not.

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