Improve Your Golf With Custom Fitted Clubs

What do most golfers do when they're having trouble with their golf swing or not getting the results they want?

Well, it’s amazing how many golfers read everything that they need to know about a backswing, downswing, stance, and grip but tend to forget about one very important aspect of their game – club fitting. Listen, if your club doesn't fit you perfectly there is a good chance you are adding loft or flex to the shaft that could create a variety of bad shots.

Let me just get one thing straight before I go any further. If you suck at golf there is no magic way to improve your game and make you a better golfer. There is no custom fitted, top of the line, golf clubs that will do this for you. This is not what I am trying to say. However, if you play a decent game of golf you can greatly benefit from golf club fitting. There is an excellent chance that you will fix many areas of your game such as a slice or hook. Most golfers from beginners to experienced are playing with the wrong equipment and it’s hurting their game significantly.

Customizing your golf club to your grip size could correct that nasty slice or hook almost overnight. While a custom fitted club length will give you a more consistent swing that will also minimize the risks of injury. These are two key factors in the improvements that you can make in your game and, as you already know, a major part of the type of game that you play is consistency.

When you are looking for a club fitting there are a few things that you will want to inquire about before choosing just any club fitter to handle this important task for you. It’s important that you are looking for a good club fitter that will take various factors into consideration. One of the best techniques to finding a reputable club fitter in your area is to visit your local course and talk to the top amateurs. Find out who they are using for their club fittings and repairs.

I have seen numerous players add 20-30 yards almost instantly to their drives by getting fitted for the proper shaft. Just grabbing a stock driver off of the shelf and assuming that, just because it is Nike or Callaway, it should fit your swing. Take the time to get properly fitted and I promise you will see instant results.

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